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Serving Others

Daniel Fish Graduation
A few years ago I was at my son Daniel’s graduation ceremony from High School. The principal started her commencement talk by recognizing people who have made a difference at Hunter High School

She first had the 4.0 students stand, then the honor roll students, one by one and sometimes in large groups people were standing in recognition for things they had accomplished.Lastly she requested that anyone who had provided a service stand. Almost everyone was standing at this point.

I noticed there were 6-8 people still seated at this point. I thought to myself, “How sad that these students were still sitting down.” Either they didn’t understand the importance of service or they couldn’t recognize the times they were serving even when they were helping others.

One of the reasons I like essential oils so much is I know others will benefit from using them, I love going out of my way to help people. At this point it is no longer about making money, it is about helping and serving others. As a result of this attitude I have been blessed with many amazing experiences with people using essential oils.

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