The Baby Shower

Screen shot 2015-05-07 at 7.29.14 PMA few weeks ago my wife had a baby shower at our home for our niece. I was outside repairing a fence that had blown down from a bad wind storm we had a week prior. When my wife has these parties I like to go hiking, or bike riding, with a friend. This time was different. I had just finished the repairs on the fence when all the guests were eating a light brunch with a few snack type foods. A few of the people came with their small children. One was fascinated with the dog food, so I put it on the table. It wasn’t five minutes later when one of the ladies reached for the dog food, and was about to eat it when I said “stop! You are about to eat dog food.” She laughed and said “I thought it was a fun snack food” She didn’t notice the dog foot prints painted on the outside of the dog food dish to help reveal the contents of the food inside the bowl.

I got to thinking about all the times we go through life in auto pilot not even noticing the harmful things we put in our bodies. Then wonder why you are 20 pounds heavier. We often go through life with many things on our mind. We don’t stop to notice the simple things of beauty like a sunset, a butterfly, or a rose. When someone holds a door open for us or when someone cleans, and folds our clothes, are we appreciative? How many meals are cooked without thanking the person that cooked it? Many things we do in life are with muscle memory. I think we need to start being more aware of our surroundings. Along with being more thankful for all the people in our lives who make them better because they are connected to us in some way. Let’s start living more in the present by appreciating Earth’s beauty, and the people living there.

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