Allen, a Memory of a Great Man

Allen and Ramona damewood

I have many fond memories of Allen. Today he would have been 58. I miss him, and think of him often. My sister, Ramona and Allen were were married in 1980. I was in high school when they got married. Allen always liked to make light of stressful situations which was helpful in tense moments.

I have been known for not stopping and taking time to smell the roses. The Chevy Chase version of visiting the Grand Canyon, just stopping long enough to take a picture is my version of a trip, (not quite that bad). Allen would go hiking with a field guide so he could identify and truly enjoy everything he came across on his hike. This was a little slow for me. He loved taking it slow, so he wouldn’t miss a thing.

Allen’s favorite thing to do to me was he would tap on my shoulder, and then look the other way pretending to not even notice I was there. I would look at him and he would smile with his impish grin and I would say “the imp is at it again”. We would both laugh. It was almost like a kind of greeting between the two of us that I miss deeply.

Four years ago, Allen was diagnosed with very advanced prostate cancer with a very grim outlook.  He refused to let that kind of news get him down. He started doing all kinds of natural homeopathic things to give him more time. Allen also had good extended family, and friends that gave him all kinds of things that they thought would help him.

One day Allen pulled out a box of everything people wanted him to try. He said if I tried everything in this box all I would do is go from one remedy to another not knowing what would help me the best. He said I pray about it and do the gut check. If it feels right I will try it, if not I won’t. Two things that helped Allen was Frankincense essential oil and the Cellular Complex.

Frankincense is a great oil when you are not sure what will help. This is the Swiss Army knife of essential oils with multiple uses and is known the help people with cancer.  The Cellular Complex is an oil blend that has the abilities to provide antioxidant support for cells and to promote a healthy cellular life cycle.

I would like to think this is one of the reasons Allen lived two and a half years, Much longer than his doctors thought he would live with a much better quality of life. His Doctor’s were always amazed at how well he was doing with his very advanced cancer.  He was hiking the Canadian Rockies the summer before he died.  With his positive attitude, healthy eating and using natures medicine along with using doctors advice, he got the best of both worlds.

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