The Belt

The BeltMany kids grew up with the fear of the belt. If you misbehaved you knew you were getting the belt to your back side when you got home, it was a real fear in many kids childhood. For me the fear was getting a “Famous Spanking”. If I was told I would get a spanking I knew it would be bare hand to bare butt. It really would sting, and leave your bottom end very red.

I was blessed knowing my parents did not believe in the belt. I do remember on one occasion my mom was at her wits end instructing my brother to go into the neighbors field to get a willow so my mom could give my brother Wes, a whipping. He came back after about an hour and he said “Mom I couldn’t find a willow, but I did bring you some rocks you can throw at me”. My mom melted, and couldn’t be mad at him for at least an hour until his next bit of mischief.

I was a child that had to do things a certain way. I always had to wear a belt even if my pants stayed up without one. I remember frustrating my parents because they got me a nice pair of dress pants without belt loops, I was distraught at the fact that these new pants did not have belt loops so I did the next best thing I wore my belt anyway, I insisted it would work. It was a big what was I thinking moment, and I decided to take it off.

Rarely do you ever hear of kids getting beat with a belt anymore. I no longer stress out over pants without belt loops.These memories of belts remind me that people can change. We don’t need to keep doing things the same way we were accustomed to. I am excited to know people are looking at prescription drugs differently, knowing they have lots of options from alternative health care to lifesaving medicine. It is all here to benefit mankind.

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