Calming Blend and the Rest of the Story

Sopia and Maggie

I have a very interesting dog with almost human-like characteristics, and did I mention smart. Maggie can be downstairs, and she will know if I have opened the fridge, and am fixing myself a sandwich. Besides meat, she loves vegetables. Her favorites are potato peelings and green peppers. When you throw her a small piece of vegetable, she will catch it mid air before it hits the ground.

The month of July Maggie gets very anxious with all the fireworks going off. Even before the first bang and flash of lights Maggie knows what nights to take cover. It will be 5:00 pm on July 3rd and she will know there will be fireworks later that night.

What happens is she starts to shake and she wants to be held. She looks at you with those eyes that say please help me. I have never seen a dog that likes to be cradled like a baby as much as Maggie does. It’s a pretty funny sight.

Because Maggie gets so scared around loud noises, I have started using Calming Blend essential oil. My friend who is a veterinarian said this oil blend is safe on dogs, and is very calming. It has also been studied for it’s ability to help with anger, anxiety, calming, and may relieve stress. Maggie is a lot more calm after I rub the calming blend on her paws.

The single oils contained in this blend are lavender which has calming and sedative properties. Sweet Marjoram is known to help relax and calm the body. Roman Chamomile is calming and relaxing. Ylang Ylang has calming and sedative properties. Sandalwood is calming and a sedative, vanilla bean extract is calming and may help ease tension.

Maggie has such a fun personality that is more enjoyable when she is calm and not shaking uncontrollably. A Happy animal equates to many wonderful memories.

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