Exchange the Word Luck for Blessed.

Screen shot 2015-08-16 at 7.58.38 PMWebster’s dictionary defines luck as the “force that brings good or bad” Luck is a pagan, non-Christian idea that views good or bad fortune and success as a tangible thing unto itself.
I don’t believe anything in this life happens because of luck. Having said this, I used to say the word lucky in my everyday conversations not thinking much about it. One day I was in a classroom at the elementary school where I worked. I happened to use the word lucky in my conversation with a teacher I was helping. When she corrected me by saying nothing happens by luck or chance, we are blessed. She went on to say how blessed she was, and that luck wasn’t in any part of her life. I have thought a lot about that conversation many times, she is right.
Webster’s dictionary defines blessed as enjoying happiness; specifically: enjoying the bliss of heaven bringing pleasure, contentment, or good fortune.
Many things that happen to us appear to be bad, but when we see the bigger picture, we realize that by enduring our challenges we were blessed. I believe with every adversity there is an equal or greater blessing waiting for us. Many things that happen to us appear to be bad, in the bigger picture we realize we were blessed, by enduring our challenges.
What does luck have to do with anything? When I hear someone say they are so lucky, I think to myself all good comes from God, not by chance. Blessings come from God.
Call me crazy, but when I was 12, I would play many games that were very dangerous. One of these games involved shooting an arrow into the air. Then without moving, we would see how close the arrow would land next to us. My brother Mel was very competitive. He was able to get the arrow to land about two feet away, so I knew I had to get a good shot to win this game. I shot the arrow up, and then lost track of the arrow. I was afraid if I ran, I would run into the path of the arrow. So I just stood still, closed my eyes, put my hands on top of my head, and prayed that the arrow would not hit me. The next thing I know, this arrow comes from no where piercing through my pants, not even touching my skin. My brother instantly declared me the winner because he knew this feat could not be repeated. Many people when they hear this story, said I was so lucky to be alive. I disagree. I believe there was no luck involved, I would say I was very blessed that day. I know my life was spared, because my life’s work is not yet finished. God has a divine plan for all of us. Be ready to accept all that God wants us to do.

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