Vetiver and the Rest of the Story

Nathan and Kasie Fish

For the past several months I have been helping with the wedding plans for my son Nathan and his fiancee Kasie. Kasie and Nathan met at their church in Utah. Kasie is from Texas so the grooms family has helped a lot with planning. There have been many things to do such as stringing beads to making flower balls for the table center pieces, and making a slide show video for the reception. Planning the food has also been a huge amount of work.

The other day I was feeling very overwhelmed thinking about all the things that still needed to be done for the wedding. It has really started to sink in since many of the guests have started to arrive in Utah, and will be staying at our house helping us prepare the finishing touches.


When the wedding was getting closer I seemed to be drawn in by the aroma of vetiver.
Vetiver is a very calming oil and has a very smoky, earthy fragrance. Vetiver has been studied for its ability for relieving stress and  helping a person get restful sleep.

With the wedding plans wrapping up I will look back at this experience with fondness thanks in part to the help of essential oils and also getting a great addition to our family. I look forward to many happy memories with Nathan and Kasie with their cute family.


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