The Dolly Folly

Dolly-FollyWhen I was in third grade I was in a resource class for struggling students. One day I walked into class and I saw a table covered with many different coloring book pages. All the pictures were random pictures of a bear, doll, house, a tree, and many other different pictures. I asked Mrs. Foster what we were doing that day in class. She said we are going to color pictures.

I said I didn’t want to be the one that colors the picture of the doll. Why do you have a picture of a doll? Dolls are dumb. You guessed it I got the doll picture. My teacher said “I had no intention of giving you the doll picture until you made a big deal about it.” I was not happy while I was doing this assignment.

Mrs. Foster was teaching me a lesson. If you make a big deal out of things, you only make it worse. If I would have walked into the classroom, sat down, waited for instructions, I probably would have had a much different outcome.

This also brings to mind as a kid that it was my brother Mel and myself’s job to clean out the barn where our goats would eat, and sleep. When we were asked to “scatter sunshine”, we knew it was our job to shovel out all the goat manure, and hay mixture from the barn, and dump it on our garden.

When we made a big deal out of this task it took all day to shovel out the manure. When we did it with a good attitude it seemed like we finished the assignment a lot quicker. The lesson that has come from these situations is, your altitude determines your level of joy. When I am having a bad day, I like to emphasize the importance of a positive attitude by sharing a smile, with an encouraging word. This makes all the difference. You can change lives as well. Try it!

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