My Wonder(ful) Mom

My Wonder(ful) Mom

My wonder(ful) mom
Many of you know my mom. She is a spunky, kind, and caring person. In October 2013, she had major dental surgery for over an hour. Part of her jaw bone crumbled, and her teeth were also affected.
For years my parents have not been on any medication, because they are extremely healthy people. My mom did not want to be on any medications after the surgery. She followed this strict regimen every three hours: Frankincense was rubbed on her gums and put under her tongue. Lemongrass was rubbed on her cheek and under the tongue. Oregano was also taken internally. Lastly, she took Protective Blend Softgels three times a day. My mom is proud to say she is 78, and didn’t even use pain medication. Way to go mom! The power of  essential oils are amazing.

3 thoughts on “My Wonder(ful) Mom

    1. Thanks for your nice comments. I have a great family. My mom is a great inspiration to many, and so is my dad.

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