Did You Know?

Angelica                         Arborvitae                    Basil                                 Bergamot
Birch                               Black Pepper               Blue Tansy                      Cardamom    
Carrot Seed                 Cassia                             Cedarwood                    Cilantro 
Cinnamon                     Clary Sage                    Clove                                Coriander
Cumin                            Cypress                           Dill                                    Eucalyptus 
Fennel                             Frankincense               Geranium                      Ginger 
Grapefruit                       Hwn Sandalwood      Helichrysum                Hyssop
Jasmine                          Juniper Berry               Lavender                     Lemon 
Lemongrass                    Lime                                Marjoram                    Melaleuca
Melissa                            Myrrh                               Myrtle                           Nutmeg
Oregano                          Palmarosa                    Patchouli                      Peppermint
Roman chamomile    Rose                                 Rosemary                     Rosewood
Sage                                 Sandalwood                 Spearmint                    Spikenard
Tangerine                       Thyme                             Vetiver                           White Fir
Wild Orange                  Wintergreen                  Yarrow                           Ylang Ylang

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