The Color of Love

The Color of Love I love the work of Taylor Hartman. He has written the book called The Color Code. I like to refer to his work and use it often to understand people and their personalities.. According to Taylor Hartman there are four color personality types

Reds want to get things done. They love power and are logic-oriented. They find the quickest way from point A to point B, and then go for it. Reds are competitive and they can be critical of others.
The pros with 
Reds- they are often the most productive members of society. They don’t let feelings or emotions get in the way of their tasks. They are great communicators and natural leaders. They are good at setting goals and achieving them.
The cons
 with Reds- they can be insensitive and selfish. They can be calculative and manipulative, and they always have to be right.
Blues are the “do-gooders” of society, as Hartman puts it. They are emotional, genuine, and honest in their daily lives. Blues are perfectionists, and they abide by a strong moral code. They are demanding of themselves and of those around them.
The pros
 with Blues- they are fiercely loyal people. They usually have small groups of really close friends, and those friendships last a lifetime. Blues are reliable and dependable and value being appreciated.
The cons with Blues-
The perfectionist in the blues can get in the way of their lives at times. Their high demands are sometimes unrealistic and annoying to other personality types. Blues are constant worriers. They can also be resentful and unforgiving.
Whites are the peacemakers of society. They shy away from conflict and try to keep everything in their lives on an even keel.
The pros
 with Whites- they have great clarity and are peaceful, they are great negotiators and diplomats, always seeing both perspectives in a relationship. They are patient with themselves and with others. They enjoy the simple things in life. Whites are also very accommodating.
The cons
 with Whites- they can be indecisive and come across as boring to other personality colors. They take a passive approach to life, and can be easily manipulated. Whites can also be lazy and unwilling to take responsibility for themselves.

Yellows are the fun-lovers of society. They see the good in everything, and they always have a positive attitude. They are up for anything socially, and they need to be around people. Yellows want to be the center of attention. They would rather put off work for a fun activity than the other way around.
The pros
 with Yellows- they are optimists. They love to volunteer for opportunities, and see life as something to be enjoyed, not fretted over. Yellows are flexible and personable, and connect with others easily.
The cons
 with Yellows- they can be seen as obnoxious, rude, and irresponsible people. They are, however, envied by the other personality colors because of their carefree spirits. Yellows are sometimes undisciplined and often speak before thinking about what they are saying. Yellows can only handle stress for a short period of time.

When you understand people, it makes it easier to love them. One of my wife’s great qualities is she loves doing things for others. On the other hand, she worries a lot. I tease her by saying I don’t need to worry because she worries so much that I don’t need to. Cassie is a blue personality type and very lovable.
My daughter Jessie is a red personality type. She gets things done quickly and effectively. Jessie doesn’t have any problem telling people what to do, sometimes with no tact. When I want something to get done quickly, I will ask Jessie.
My brother Wes is lots of fun. When you want to have a great party or adventure you ask Wes to come. His yellow personality is laid back and spontaneous. I love it. On occasion, I have been known to rescue Wes when he locks his keys in his car, or runs out of gas. This is all right, because I know this is what yellows do.
I am a white personality type. I am famous for being passive aggressive. I am very good at saying “sure, I can do that,” when I am really thinking, “Hell no, I will not do that.” I don’t like conflict, so I will tell people what they want to hear. I want peace at all cost.
When you understand a person’s personality you know what to expect. We all know lions will eat people if they are given the opportunity, so why would you be surprised with anything else.
The color code is like a road map to a persons personality. Follow the wrong map and you will get lost fast. Blues are perfectionists and yellows are not, so why would a blue expect a yellow to be perfect. This same advice goes for all red, yellow, blue and white personality people.
If someone likes to laugh and joke around, why would you want them to be serious all the time? We need to be more sensitive to everyone’s needs. Especially the people we love the most, our families.

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