Soothing Blend and the Rest of the Story

The older I get the more I realize aches and pains are a regular part of life. When I was younger I would hear people in their fifties and beyond talk about all their ailments, I thought how bad can it get? Now that I am one of those older people, I get it. Most of the time I am feeling great, however there are times when I feel my age, surprised at all the places you can have a senior moment with pain.

Several years ago Cassie my wife, was expecting our youngest daughter when her knee gave out on her. She was in major pain as a result of pulling a ligament. Ever since this happened, Cassie’s knee has never been the same. Cassie kept her knee wrapped with a knee brace for extra support for quite a while as a result of the injury.

Cassie was able to remove her knee brace after a few months but her knee was never quite the same. One day 3 years ago after a early spring snow storm, Cassie slipped on some ice walking to the parking lot and really messed up her knee.

A few days after Cassie re-injured her knee we were at a (  ) class where we we introduced to essential oils. At the end of the class we were asked if we wanted to get a Zyto Hand Scan with bio feed back capabilities. This is a computer program where a person puts their hand on a extra large mouse like device. When you put your hand on this it sends impulses from the body to the computer to determine how many of 76 bio markers are out of the normal range. The lower the number the more your body is in the normal range.

When Cassie used the Zyto Hand Scan the number one essential oil that showed up on the scan was (   ) an oil used to help with bone pain, joint pain, muscle aches and pain. This blend of oils has been studied for it’s abilities to also help reduce inflammation. Additionally this moisturizing cream stimulates sensations of warmth and coolness to help soothe tissue soreness and stiffness.

Cassie did not tell anyone at the class that she just recently re-injured her knee. This was the first thing that made me realize that maybe we were onto something great with  essential oils.

As part of Cassie’s daily routine she will rub a small amount of soothing blend oil into her sore muscles then apply soothing blend cream on top of that. She claims that makes all the difference. We love keeping this near by to help ease many of life’s aches and pains.



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