Wipe Out Negatives

Toilet PaperTwo of the heroes in my life are my parents. Their positive attitudes are contagious. For years my mom has answered the phone with, “It’s a great day at the Fishes.” One day when she answered the phone, the person not identifying herself said, “It really is true.” Then she hung up. All she wanted, was to hear my mother say those positive words when she answered the phone.

For years my mother has hung a sign over the toilet paper that says, “Wipe out negatives.” This always gets people to smile. My dad, when asked how he is doing, will say I am doing great, but I am getting better. What a great attitude he has!

My dad loves to ask people how they are doing and when their response is positive he says, “Serves you right.” You know, he is absolutely right. Our attitude reflects a lot about who we are.

I remember being a young, tired father, frustrated that my son would not stop crying one evening. As long as I was irritated my son sensed my negative attitude and energy towards him. Then I started showing him unconditional love. He then could sense my love toward him, and stopped crying.

How many times are we critical of ourselves? Many people are great at verbally beating themselves up with words of, “I am not good enough, too fat, too dumb, too whatever, you insert your own word.” No one knows enough to be a pessimist.

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