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Black Spruce-Did You Know?

Black SpruceDid you know Black Spruce essential oil is distilled from the needles and branches of the Picea Mariana trees that are harvested from Canada? Black Spruce is a powerful wood oil historically used by Native Americans to promote skin health and as part of their spiritual healing and cleansing traditions.

As part of your daily routine start off your day with the cooling and soothing benefits of Black Spruce, both topically and aromatically after rigorous exercise, or when your body is in need of topical support. Known to create a relaxing atmosphere, start your day off with the cooling and soothing benefits of Black Spruce

With a carrier oil Black Spruce is a wonderful oil to use in a comforting massage. Apply Black Spruce to the back of you neck throughout the day to create pleasing feelings of harmony and balance. When working through difficult situations diffuse Black Spruce to help reduce stress. 


Hawaiian Sandalwood-Did You Know?

SandalwoodDid you know of the two dozen or so species of Santalum that are known, the Hawaiian islands are home to four of them? it takes over 50 years for a sandalwood tree to mature enough to get a high quality essential oil. After the arrival of Europeans to the islands, they became aware that sandalwood occurred quite widely on the Hawaiian Islands. They were also aware that the demand for sandalwood from southern Asia did not satisfy the market.

200 years ago Sandalwood was the number one trade from the Hawaiian islands. Their trees were among the most prized in all the world and were in great demand. The Hawaiian king, King Kamehameha, sent seven ships to China bearing Sandalwood. (It has been estimated that about 6,000 trees had to be harvested to fill a ship). The Chinese were offended by this, and wanted to come collect the Sandalwood themselves.

Later the ships returned to Hawaii. When the Chinese arrived in Hawaii to collect the Sandalwood, King Kamehameha was likewise highly offended at their actions and set fire to the seven ships bearing all the Sandalwood. Not only that, but he ordered the Sandalwood forests to be cut down and burned, and the ground was seeded with thick grass that prevented the Sandalwood from returning. Since then, Sandalwood from Hawaii basically ceased to exist, until now.

Hawaiian sandalwood essential oil delivers a variety of benefits, including smoothing skin and enhancing moods. With thousands of years of documented use, this oil has a high value to many users. Hawaiian Sandalwood has a rich, sweet, woody aroma that instills calmness and well-being, making it a perfect oil to incorporate into massage or aromatherapy.

Sandalwood is very soothing and nourishing to the skin, making it highly sought after in body and skin care products. Hawaiian Sandalwood can reduce the appearance of scars, blemishes, and stretch marks while providing an overall youthful-looking complexion. In addition to being soothing and nourishing to the skin, Hawaiian Sandalwood provides these same effects to the mind, helping to reduce stress and tension and promote emotional well-being.

Our Most Valuable Possession

Water drop from grass

Our bodies are made of about 70% water so drink water. There is no substitute for water. I like to try and drink 1oz per pound of my body weight per day. I might go to the restroom a lot but it keeps me healthy. If you think you are hungry drink water. Many times your body is telling you it is thirsty not hungry.

Our bodies our worth millions of dollars so don’t put things into our most valuable possession, (our body) that will mess it up. I am amazed how many people use all kinds of harmful drugs, alcohol, tobacco, soda pop fast food and way too much sugar.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Avoid sunburns at all cost. Whenever you go out, carry your sunblock with you. It has been proven that sunburns are directly connected to skin cancer. Do not underestimate this. I got a sunburn once that was so sever it took 18 months for my burn line to go away. This was very dangerous.

Get proper sleep The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Sleep helps keep your heart healthy, reduces stress, improves your memory, reduce your chance of diabetes and you will live longer if you are not sleep deprived.

Take care of your friendships It has been proven that people having many friends live longer. This is probably because it reduces the amount of stress.

You don’t realize how important your health is until it is gone. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not just the absence of disease. Many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.