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The Slippery Slope

The -Slippery Slope

The slippery slope of prescription drugs with their harmful side effects can be hard to recover from.

Do you want to take back your health using natural essential oils?
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Lavender Is Essential


What is there not to like about lavender essential oil? I will say this about most essential oils, lavender is one of my favorites. I remember breathing in the aroma of lavender for the first time with almost reverence. Experiencing this oil by touch and smell made the experience more memorable. This is one of those experiences when you remember what you were doing at that moment in time.

Even though I was not happy initially about sitting through an essential oil class, this was a breakthrough moment. After smelling the pure scent of lavender, I felt for the first time deep down, that dōTERRA essential oils are remarkable and lavender was an oil I could get excited about, and share it with others.

When we got our Family Physician’s kit, I was excited to try the oils to see how effective they were in our everyday life. After a month of using the oils we received, I knew these small 5 ml bottles wouldn’t last long. Looking back I wish we would have bought the home Essential kit, a kit with three times the amount of oil for only $100 dollars more.

What I observed over the next few months was a total transformation in how I looked at everyday living and watching my family change their lifestyle. When my kids were looking in the Modern Essentials book to find out what oil worked best for headaches, or see what would help an injured knee, I knew we were on to something.

One of the first things I remember trying with lavender essential oil was putting it on my daughter’s hand after she got burned by a hot pan. I knew Stephanie’s burned hand was in pain because she was using ice to numb her senses. I told Stephanie we should try lavender, and she agreed. We went on with our nights activities. About an hour later I asked how is the burn on your hand doing? She couldn’t remember were the burn was.

Another thing I remember seeing was a baby tired and fussy and looking totally miserable. The mom was asked if she would let us put lavender essential oil on her babies back to calm him down. She agreed, and within 30 seconds the sad little boy was transformed into a calm and relaxed one.

Every Spring I look forward to the warm weather. However I am not excited about my allergies brought on by all the pollen in the air. I like having lavender near by. I will rub it under what an amazing experience. I also like TriEase a seasonal blend gelcap, used for season discomfort that has lavender in it.

When I discover things that are amazing I refuse to keep quiet. This is why I have a passion for essential oils They are a blessing in my life, and I love to share them with others.

Bugs Dont Bug Me

BeetleTwo years ago, My wife agreed to let our friends come to our home to teach us how to use essential oils. I was very annoyed about this situation after all my parents were using them and I thought if a placebo makes you feel better go for it, but they are not for me.

The big event came. I had the perfect plan, I would stay for a few minutes then go with my daughter to an extra credit High School Activity with her sign language class. We ended up staying for the entire class. I was still skeptical, yet listened politely.

At the end of the class we were all asked if we wanted to have a Zyto Hand Scan to see what essential oils would help us best at that point in time. I put my hand on this big computer mouse looking thing that measured 76 key areas of your body. The number one thing that came up for me was  the repellent blend essential oil which is an insect repellant. The woman helping me understand my Zyto Hand Scan said that is interesting. The only thing I can think of would be is there anything bugging you, and I said “yes I don’t want to be at this class”. Everyone had a good laugh.

My wife Cassie was next to have her hand scanned. What showed up on her scan was very interesting. The number one thing her scan read was that she needed the soothing blend essential oil, an essential oil blend, used in helping soothe and repair injured muscle tissue. Cassie had not mentioned that prior to the class. She had fallen at work, and was in great pain.

Now the big sales pitch! I was not totally convinced the oils would work. Cassie wanted to buy a starter kit, and I thought what a waste of money. She bought a kit. Soon after we bought the repellent blend essential oil knowing we would be enjoying the outdoors for the summer.

The repellent blend essential oil what an amazing product! The first place I had to try this new found bug repellant was camping. I was going on a scout camp where the bugs can be very miserable. The scouts discovered very quickly that they were not getting any bug bites because they were using . I remember going to the opening ceremony that first night not getting one bite while I was watching several boys getting eaten alive.

My son Rick went to Bear Lake with some friends. The bugs were so bad there were big red bite marks where he had been bitten. He came home mid week. Then returning to the lake for the remainder of the week, he asked me “Dad is there anything that will protect me from the bugs” I gave him some repellent blend essential oil. When he came home, he was happy to report not one bug bite the rest of the trip.

The best part about the repellent blend essential oil is you don’t smell like Toxic Waste like you do when you spray the other bug sprays. There are no side effects and no harmful Deet. Remember, I love to share essential oils. The only reason for not requesting a free sample of  the repellent blend essential oil is you like bug bites or you never go outside.