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Every Child Has a Story

Wayne Dyer lower or higher self
Every year I am drawn to kids that have painful stories to tell. It is an interesting ability that I have to be able to zero in on children that are in a lot of physical and emotional pain. I see these amazing kids that have gone through some very difficult situations at a very young age, and it is incredible.

One year I remember interacting with a sixth grade student named Jeff. He always seemed to be a little off socially. I was intrigued, and felt a connection with Jeff that I can’t explain. Many times I would be asked to let Jeff help me clean the school rather than going out to recess, so Jeff could do community service for breaking school rules.

I loved talking to Jeff. I always liked making Jeff feel important. One day on the local news I saw a story about Jeff. The news reporter went on to say that Jeff’s parents had been handcuffing Jeff to his bed when he came home from school. I was so surprised to learn about the painful abuse he was going through.

You never know what challenges someone is going through. Because of Jeff, and many other kids Like him. I choose to celebrate their strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses. I love my job because everyday I ask myself this question “who do I get to help today”? When you reach out to children with kindness they respond very positively.

Teachers Touch Lives

Henry Van Dyke QuoteEvery one of us has talents that will reach out to others. Never discount the effect you will have on another person. I have many people that I feel have touched my life in huge ways by sharing their talents I have benefitted from them in positive ways.

One of those people is Mr. Wolfinden. he was a new teacher full of enthusiasm. All the students loved him. One thing that sticks out in my mind is how he let everyone express themselves freely. I remember his love for math one of my weakest subjects. One assignment was when he had everyone in the class make up math problems for the rest of the class to do. When it was my turn a few girls in the class complained to our teacher that my math sheet was difficult to fill out because I had put a little box around each problem.

Without missing a beat he said there will be no complaining about how each person does their worksheet for the class. I found the assignment I made for the class years later. I would have to agree with the girls I did a terrible job on the worksheet, yet my teacher Mr. Wolfinden gave me confidence in our classroom.

Another assignment that sticks out in my mind with this wonderful teacher was when he wanted to help us understand the idea of how much a million is. He had everyone in their free time put four lines down with another line going across so we could count to a million by fives. When we would fill up a piece of paper using tally marks we would staple the paper on the bulletin board. It took us weeks to count to one million using this method of counting. When we finished we had one million tally marks. When you teach with creativity and passion your students will learn volumes.

As Time Goes By

Tennessee Williams QuoteHow many of us can relate to this scenario? When the kids are out of school I will have time to work on cleaning out the garage. The kids get out of school, then you say, “Ever since the kids have been out of school I have been so busy, I can’t find any extra time to clean out the garage.” Then you say, “Everything will calm down when the kids get back in school, then I will clean out the garage.” The kids get back in school then you realize you are running the kids to dance and soccer practice. You then say, “In November soccer will be over so it will free up more time.” November comes and you say, “I have been so busy I am going to take a few weeks off to watch football.” “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” you say to yourself.

Then December comes and you are so busy with all the Christmas parties and kids concerts you don’t have time to do one more thing. You then say, “After the holidays I will have much more time to clean the garage” January comes and it is so cold you don’t feel like doing anything in the cold weather. You tell yourself, “The first of March the weather will be warming up, I will really be in the mood to do some Spring cleaning.”

Then March comes and goes you tell yourself, “It is such beautiful weather I think I am going to ride my bike or go hit a few golf balls.” Before you know it an entire year has come and gone without cleaning out your garage. Don’t let any excuses get in the way of accomplishing anything in your life that is a worth while goal.