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Teachers Touch Lives

Henry Van Dyke QuoteEvery one of us has talents that will reach out to others. Never discount the effect you will have on another person. I have many people that I feel have touched my life in huge ways by sharing their talents I have benefitted from them in positive ways.

One of those people is Mr. Wolfinden. he was a new teacher full of enthusiasm. All the students loved him. One thing that sticks out in my mind is how he let everyone express themselves freely. I remember his love for math one of my weakest subjects. One assignment was when he had everyone in the class make up math problems for the rest of the class to do. When it was my turn a few girls in the class complained to our teacher that my math sheet was difficult to fill out because I had put a little box around each problem.

Without missing a beat he said there will be no complaining about how each person does their worksheet for the class. I found the assignment I made for the class years later. I would have to agree with the girls I did a terrible job on the worksheet, yet my teacher Mr. Wolfinden gave me confidence in our classroom.

Another assignment that sticks out in my mind with this wonderful teacher was when he wanted to help us understand the idea of how much a million is. He had everyone in their free time put four lines down with another line going across so we could count to a million by fives. When we would fill up a piece of paper using tally marks we would staple the paper on the bulletin board. It took us weeks to count to one million using this method of counting. When we finished we had one million tally marks. When you teach with creativity and passion your students will learn volumes.