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DSC03188Several years ago my Dad received a rock polisher for his birthday. We love going on long walks in the hills near Cedar City, Utah when we go visit my parents. While on our walks we look for interesting rocks to polish. Some rocks look like there is no way they could ever get polished because there are to many rough edges.

Before these rocks make a transformation they are First put in to a rock polisher container. Then put sand and water into the container put the lid on then turn on the polisher that tumbles the rocks with sand for three weeks. After the first week of rocks tumbling with sand a finer grit of sand is added to make the rocks more smooth and fresh water is added. This process is repeated for three weeks. After three weeks of polishing these rocks look wonderful, full of color and very shiny, no longer dull in color with sharp edges.

The bumps in life are like the rock with many sharp edges. With help, like a rock, that has transformed into a beautiful polished stone. We all start out like plain dull rocks getting a few sharp edges knocked off along the way. Life experiences plus the choices we make form us into the person we are today. I belief everyday every minute we are either progressing or regressing toward or away from our goals in life.

When our life gets a little muddy we need to realize that the mud is like the grit and sand that at first make the stones unattractive. Our muddy lives help turn us into beautiful people Every time we have an experience either good or bad, we need to thank God for letting us go through these experiences. We need to learn something from everyone, everything and every experience of life.

I hope in some small way your life will be a little brighter with fewer sharp edges and you will pay it forward with what you have learned from some of my life’s lessons.

One of those lessons I have learned is from successful people is that successful people take risks. Time after time when you see people that look like they have it all. Most of them got where they are in life by taking risks. Don’t take the easy road take a few risks in life. Before you do anything ask yourself what is the worst thing that will happen to me if I fail. Several people who were much older in life, many years past retirement were asked if they had any regrets in life. Most of them said they wish they had taken more risks in life.

If you like someone a lot and you ask them to spend a wonderful evening with you and they say no you are still no better or worse off than you were before you asked them. So ask them. You never know what will happen. If you are about to invest a large amount of money on a great idea determine what is the worst thing that can happen. If you can live with the outcome positive or negative, go for it.

Anytime you are in a difficult situation ask yourself, is this situation for your enjoyment, growth or both? When you think about everything you do this way it totally changes every situation you are facing.

As Time Goes By

Tennessee Williams QuoteHow many of us can relate to this scenario? When the kids are out of school I will have time to work on cleaning out the garage. The kids get out of school, then you say, “Ever since the kids have been out of school I have been so busy, I can’t find any extra time to clean out the garage.” Then you say, “Everything will calm down when the kids get back in school, then I will clean out the garage.” The kids get back in school then you realize you are running the kids to dance and soccer practice. You then say, “In November soccer will be over so it will free up more time.” November comes and you say, “I have been so busy I am going to take a few weeks off to watch football.” “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” you say to yourself.

Then December comes and you are so busy with all the Christmas parties and kids concerts you don’t have time to do one more thing. You then say, “After the holidays I will have much more time to clean the garage” January comes and it is so cold you don’t feel like doing anything in the cold weather. You tell yourself, “The first of March the weather will be warming up, I will really be in the mood to do some Spring cleaning.”

Then March comes and goes you tell yourself, “It is such beautiful weather I think I am going to ride my bike or go hit a few golf balls.” Before you know it an entire year has come and gone without cleaning out your garage. Don’t let any excuses get in the way of accomplishing anything in your life that is a worth while goal.