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What is More American Then Boy Scouts?

American FlagWhat is more American then Boy Scouts? I come from a long line of Eagle Scouts. This is the highest rank in Boy Scouts. All of my brothers and myself became Eagle Scouts and my three sons also are Eagle Scouts. My youngest daughter also worked at a Boy Scout camp during the summer, sometimes wishing she could be a boy scout. When you become an Eagle the final step before you get this great honor is you must organize a service project that helps the community. The project must use a minimum of 20 man hours most are much more than this. I have collected old paint, painted fences, helped build cattle feeders and collected old prescription glasses to name a few. Serving others is the foundation of America.

The America I love is the one that believes anything you can dream then believe, you can achieve. Through your own hard work and determination. Not counting on the government for hand out’s, subsidies or kickback. Just good old fashioned hard work and know how, will pay off. If you want something bad enough you can accomplish anything. This is the America I love.

I Love America

American FlagAs long as I can remember I have loved the U.S.A. I am proud to be an American. I have grown up respecting the flag, especially when the flag is passing by in a parade, my hand goes over my heart with pride. I also honor and respect our elected and public officials even if I didn’t vote for them.

Recently I feel a shift in how people are respecting our country. I think the American people’s love and honor for this country is in direct proportion to the way the President and congress love and respect the American people.

You can’t blame any political party. I love Thomas Jefferson who said a government that governs least governs best. We need to remove entitlements. When a nation grows up with several generations of people that have grown up with entitlements, receiving something for nothing this is when you will see an America that is respected less by her own people and other countries around the world.

One of our greatest blessings living in America is our freedom. I am so grateful for everyone who has helped keep us free in this wonderful country. Lets keep America great.