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6 Tips To Build A Beautiful Life

The older I get the more I realize life is short. Live a fulfilled life for greater happiness.

Seb Dani

I stood in front of that calm sea watching right at the end of horizon where skies  seem to meet up with blue waters. I lost myself in the view of  sunset. It was amazing. I felt part of it. I wanted to store this moment deep in my memory. I thought that’s how life should be. Just like dreams..


Holidays left behind are soon forgotten, but that moment stuck with me. I asked myself, how can anyone build a beautiful life, a bit, just a bit, like these wonderful fragments.

Find below some ways that can help you have a realistic view about building a glorious life.

1. Live within your means.

Addictions and temptations are the glamour of twenty first century. If you have earned money is hard to keep hold of it. There are a million silent invitations if you just wander around in a shopping mall.

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