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Drugs Are To Sell Not To Take

Kumen Richie
Many years ago when my mom was a little girl, her older brother Kumen got sick. My grandpa took him to the doctor and he was given a prescription for pneumonia. Shortly after taking the drug he got worse, much worse. My uncle that I never met, slipped into a coma, and died hours after taking the medicine at age 7.

Come to find out the pharmacist had accidentally given my uncle a prescription normally given to adults. My Grandpa was so distraught he decided to change his college major from horticulture to a pharmaceutical degree. He said if I can save one life it will be worth it.

For many years my grandparents owned a drug store in Wisner, Louisiana. One day a man came in to fill his prescription and my grandpa looked at the prescription and said “If I fill that prescription you will be dead tomorrow, I refuse to fill it”.

A week later this man appeared in the obituaries. Talking to another pharmacist, it became clear this man filled his prescription at another pharmacy. My grandpa, Alma Richie Sr., would often say “drugs are to sell not to take”.

I grew up in a home that tried every home remedy when you were sick before we would take medications of any kind. This is where I was first introduced to vitamin C for colds, Cayenne Pepper, and Echinacea Root capsules, I drank them with water to stay healthy. I will take Cascara Sagrada root when I am constipated. I drank a lot of peppermint tea when I had an upset stomach. When you have a headache, drink lots of water.

This is why essential oils make sense to me. Modern medicine is designed to manage symptoms and are made with isolated synthetic agents with side effects. Natures solutions are made of hundreds of natural compounds found in plants that increase physical and emotional health. They also help address issues and root causes, and have no side effects. For me this is a no brainer.

This is why essential oils are such a perfect fix for me and my family, because they are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs in their leaf and root forms that I used as a child. My first line of defense is always going to be a natural solution. If that doesn’t work or is not feasible I will go see the doctor. I challenge you not to not use drugs, and find a natural solution the next time you have a headache. It will change your life.

Good Health is Happiness

Fruits and VegetablesWhen my Grandma  would come visit our family for a week my mom would say don’t sneeze or cough or you might get one of Grandma’s remedies. Sure enough my brother Wes coughed one to many times so he got one of her mustard plasters. This is when she would put the powdered mustard on your chest in a steamy bathroom. It can even cause a burn on your skin.

I have an uncle that I never met, because he died when he was seven from a drug over dose because a doctor gave him the wrong prescription. As a result of this experience, my Grandpa became a Pharmacist to help educate others on medications.

I remember being told the importance of moderation when medicine is needed. Even now when I have a headache I ask myself is that medicine really necessary. I will most often use essential oils first. Essential oils are the oils that come from herbs and plants that come in a very concentrated form. When used properly they are very effective with no harmful side effects.

We live in a time when everyone loves reaching for the medicine cabinet. We need to learn better self control. Take herbs and essential oils instead of medications when possible. Use both the knowledge of the past with herbs and essential oils and the present with prescription drugs. Too many people run to the medicine cabinet with minor aches and pains.

Use prescription drugs with the knowledge of their positive and negative side effects. Every medication has a side affect, remember less is best. Herbs have been around for thousands of years. Don’t think it is crazy to take herbs and essential oils and lots of them. I heard it is very beneficial to take cayenne pepper and raw garlic daily to boost your immune system. It really works.

When I was a small child I remember eating fast food was a huge treat because we only ate out about two times a year. Now people eat three meals a day of fast food and drink soda pop by the gallons, then wondering why they are sick all the time.

We need to start living again, by eating nutritious foods. How about making home made food for our children for breakfast before they go to school. I am amazed when I see the morning breakfast program provided for many of the children at school where someone gets paid to pour our children’s cereal in the mornings before school. I should know I clean up the mess everyday at the elementary school I work at. I was raised on hot cereal, muffins or pancakes for breakfast that did not come from a box or a mix. Many people have no idea how things are made from scratch anymore.

We need to start moving again we need to walk more. I like to park as far as I can when I go to the store, instead of looking for the closest parking space. Good health should be a priority in everyones life.