The Most Powerful Leader

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Jesus Christ is the most powerful leader of all time; no matter what you believe about him, it is amazing to see that even after 2,000 years after he lived, the message he asked his disciples to preach to the world is still happening today.

Great conquerors like Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire and Genghis Khan have rose but have now fallen; but 2,000 years after Jesus Christ came to establish his kingdom, it still exists and thrives today all over the world.

There are many leadership lessons we can learn from him, but here are two:

1.Have faith
Jesus had great faith and with that faith, he managed to perform all his healing and miracles. On several occasions, he credits the healing to the recipient’s faith. This illustrates to us the power of and the effect it can have on faith in your life. Having a spirit of expectancy sets you up for greater things ahead; and not only that, you lift up the spirits of your team members or families as well. No matter what’s going on in your life, your faith will aid you in overcoming your trials, as well as have your Family and friends put their trust in you as well.

2.Lead by example
Jesus always led by example in everything that he told his disciples to do. Whatever he expected them to do; he always showed them how to do it first. He would perform healing and miracles and eventually we would see the disciples doing the same thing. The best way to lead is by example. In today’s world, many families and friends expect everyone to perform tasks which they themselves are incapable of doing. This destroys their credibility and causes them to lose the respect from their followers. Before you expect your family and friends to keep a standard, ensure that you’re keeping to it yourself first.

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