The Mower Mishap

The Mower MishapThis last fall I was busy cleaning up my yard that has eight large trees on the west side of my house. It can get overwhelming raking up the leaves when the trees start dropping their leaves. The neighbors are not thrilled when all the leaves blow into their yards so cleaning up the leaves is a must. I have discovered mowing up the leaves is easier then raking them up. The leaves also make a great mulch for my garden.

While I was starting up the mower I cut my finger where the skin meets the base of your finger nail. It was just a little cut nothing to big. I proceeded to mow up the leaves, when I went to empty the mower bag I noticed my finger was still bleeding. I wiped off the blood then continued to mow up the rest of the leaves. When I finished I looked down at my hand. You would have thought I just finished a scene from a horror movie. This small wound was still bleeding.

After I put the mower away I decided to clean up. I was amazed at the fact this little cut on my finger was doing a lot of bleeding, this is when I thought this is ridiculous. I decided to put Helichrysum essential oil on my wound. Helichrysum has been studied for its ability to speed up the healing process with open wounds. I was blown away! As soon as I put this essential oil on my wound it wasn’t 15 seconds later the bleeding stopped.

Since my experience with my wounded finger, I have used helichrysum on several sores including a wound on my cheek that just kept oozing pus not quite healing up. This wound is on it way to a quick recovery. I am grateful for these experiences with essential oils. The more I use them the more I am convinced they are an effective alternative in many situations. Essential oils have become my first line of defense more times then not.

4 thoughts on “The Mower Mishap

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love learning about oils. With a little boy, I’ll definitely look into growing some and trying to extract the oil…

    1. If possible I would love to send you some essential oils. What health concerns does your family have?

      1. Oh, wow, sure! And thank you! I have high blood pressure and early signs of thyroid disorder (runs in the family), so I’m almost always tired. Greyson’s only problem so far is that he gets strep throat very easily. He’s been on a crazy amount of antibiotics, and I am not happy with that…

        Email me at I’ll send you my address, and send me yours! I’ll send you some orange oil the next time I make it!

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