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The Structure of Medical Knowledge

“What hope is there for medical science to ever become a true science when the entire structure of medical knowledge is built around the idea that there is an entity called disease which can be expelled when the right drug is found?”

John H. Tilden, M.D. Author of Impaired Health, Etiology, Hygienic, and Dietetic Treatment of Appendicitis, and other books and articles.

My Challenge to Stay Focused


If any of you know me I have a hard time sitting for long periods of time without getting drowsy or even falling a sleep. As a regular church goer I found myself in this situation most weeks sitting in church. The heart and mind were willing to stay awake and focused, yet the body was weak. I would doze off to sleep often on the hard pew benches.

All through Elementary, Junior High, and High School I struggled with learning partly due to my inability to focus. I also was developmentally behind most kids my age, because it was discovered I couldn’t see very well when I went in for my kindergarten check-up. Most subjects in school were painfully hard for me, and almost unbearable to do school assignments. Homework was also a nightmare for me and my family, becoming an all night project.

Now that I have painted this picture of my inability to focus you might find it interesting to know that I became an Eagle Scout. If it wasn’t  for my sister, Ramona, and my parents I don’t think this accomplishment would have happened. My dad was the scout master, and my mom was great at knowing what I needed to do, My sister was great at helping me with my merit badges.

I went to my first essential oil convention in 2012, and was thrilled when they introduced a new essential oil  blend  used to help you focus. I was so excited to see if this oil really works so I rubbed some on the back of my neck before church, It worked. I stayed a wake.

How I wish I had this oil when I was a struggling young student. Any chance I get now, I like to share this new discovery of essential oils with others. Best of all there are no side effects. ADHD kids may now have a new alternative to powerful drugs with bad side effects. This essential oil is a great new friend for everyone who needs help staying focused.

Peppermint is Powerful

One of my favorite things to do is watch someone experience Peppermint essential oil for the first time. When I am sharing essential oils with a group of people, I will put one drop of oil in the palm of their hand. Then have them put their hands together and rub. Then I have them put their hands in a cupping shape and breathe in the pure scent of pure peppermint essential oil. It is funny to see their reaction not hardly believing that one drop of this oil can be so powerful.

I have no doubt God put plants on earth for our use. Peppermint definitely makes its presence known. I enjoy the powerful effects of this oil, using peppermint on a regular basis year round. In Winter I use it to help keep me clear of congestion. In Spring it helps with allergies. In Summer it helps keep me cool. In the Fall I use peppermint in cooking, and for allergies.

I am amazed how many people run to their medicine cabinet when they have any kind of ailment. My grandpa Richie became a pharmacist after my uncle died at age seven, from a accidental drug overdose, being given an adult sized dose when he was sick. My grandpa always said drugs are to sell not to use. He was aware of all the negative side effects every medication has.

When I get a headache I like to rub peppermint right on the location of my headache, or PastTense an essential oil blend, made specifically for headaches that has peppermint essential oil in it. Nature’s medicine cabinet is very powerful with no side effects. Due to my childhood up bringing, I have always had the mantra of less is more. If on a very rare occasion I do use prescription drugs, they are more effective because I use them less often, and my body has not built up a resistance to them. My first line of defense is essential oils.