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Favorite Memories of My Children

    Starting with Rick, he is kind, funny, and hard working. Rick has taken his role as the oldest very seriously. Rick is a self motivated person. School always came easy to Rick. I never remember him having much homework. He completed 99% of his work in class. One of my favorite memories with Rick is watching him play Junior Jazz basketball. He wasn’t the best player on the team, but he was the best 6th man any team could have. Rick is a team player and was the deciding factor for many of the team wins. I also loved going one on one with Rick to see the Jazz basketball team play every year. Rick is very dedicated to his family.

    Stephanie is lots of fun and very social. She loves to laugh and has a charming personality. Stephanie is very spontaneous and happy. I remember going to the store where Stephanie would join me for a little adventure. Many times we would skip through the parking lot or dance all the way inside the store. These moments are still magical when thinking back to simpler times. I was always so proud to see Stephanie dance with a group of girls until she graduated from High School. Stephanie has a passion for helping others and has a big heart.

    Nathan can be a free spirit and refuses to beat to a certain drum. Nathan has a delightful outlook on life that is full of adventure. At first glance, Nathan is quiet and thoughtful. He is not to be taken lightly and knows how to stand his own ground. Nathan is a hard worker that takes his role as a father seriously. Even though Nathan lives with his family in Texas, you wouldn’t know it, because he visits often with his family. He and his family call us regularly on the phone. One of my favorite things I enjoy doing is playing Nathan chess. Winning against him is rare. 

     Daniel is very creative and adventurous. Daniel refuses to fit into any mold. He loves any excuse to explore the world. He was in High school when he went to Europe for the first time with his French class. Daniel was invited to Fiji knowing only one person. He went by himself. In the month of November he decided to go camping in Canada with his cousin Joseph. I remember going snowshoeing in a blizzard and loving every minute of it. Daniel is easy to talk to and is an open book. What you see is what you get.

    Jessie is so fun, kind, and helpful; she has a wonderful laugh. Jessie has a gift with small children. If you want to know where Jessie is look for the kids and you will find her with them. Jessie loves being helpful. Jessie is like me when it comes to shopping. Find what you need, and then get out. She is a great shopper and knows how to find deals. Jessie also loves a clean house and is great at deep cleaning. I love playing games with Jessie. She makes the game more fun with happy laughter.

    I had the opportunity of teaching all five kids how to drive. Sometimes I needed to have nerves of steel, but overall I cherished the time I spent with all my children driving. Every child was required to drive 40 hours with a parent. I loved this time I had one on one with each of them. I had each child drive to Wendover, Nevada, because it was a long straight stretch of road where we could get 4 hours of drive time in. Being a part of each child’s driving milestone is a memory I will always cherish. I feel blessed to have wonderful memories with each of my children.

What a Whit

Mahatma GandhiWhat A Whit

When Gandhi was studying law at the University College of London, there was a professor, whose last name was Peters, who felt animosity for Gandhi, and because Gandhi never lowered his head towards him, their “arguments” were very common.

One day, Mr. Peters was having lunch at the dining room of the University and Gandhi came along with his tray and sat next to the professor, in his arrogance, said, “Mr Gandhi: you do not understand… a pig and a bird do not sit together to eat”, to which Gandhi replies, “You do not worry professor, I’ll fly away”, and he went and sat at another table.

Mr. Peters green of rage, decides to make revenge on the next test, but Gandhi responds brilliantly to all questions. Then, Mr. Peters asked him the following question, Mr Gandhi, if you are walking down the street and find a package, and within it there is a bag of wisdom and another bag with a lot of money; which one do you take?”

Without hesitating, Gandhi responded, “the one with the money of course.”

Mr. Peters, smiling , said, “I, in  your place would have taken the wisdom, don’t you think?”

Each one takes what he doesn’t have”, responded Gandhi indifferently.

Mr. Peters, already hysterical, writes on the exam sheet the word “idiot” and gives it to Gandhi. Gandhi takes the exam sheet and sits down. A few minutes later, Gandhi goes to the professor and says, Mr. Peters, you signed the sheet but did not give the grade.

Author Unknown