The Wise Sage

     When I think of forgiveness I think of the story my Dad liked to tell about a wise Chinese Sage who is the wisest old man of the village. Their was a woman who was offended greatly by another woman in the village, so she visits the wise sage and asks him what is the best way to hurt someone the most? He said it is very simple. The first step is to be as nice as possible to the woman that hurt you everyday. Then in two weeks, I will tell you what to do next. Three weeks go by when the wise old sage sees the woman who wanted to hurt the other woman in the village. The wise sage said,” Are you ready for the next step to hurt the person who offended you?” The woman said she could never hurt the woman who had once offended her. She said she could never hurt this woman because she was her very best friend. When we serve others it is very easy to forgive them and overlook their differences.

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