The Pony

     This is one of my favorite stories I first heard when I went to Circle
A Ranch in Rockford Michigan. This story was told by Skip Ross. The story is 
about two boys who were a part of a scientific study to see if your
environment has anything to do with your attitude or your outlook on
life. The first boy Tommy was brought into a room filled with every toy
imaginable. Tommy complained that the bicycle was the wrong color
and the remote control car was the wrong style. He already had all the
books that were in the room. The complaints went on and on Tommy
complained about everything in the room.

    The second boy Johnny was brought into a room with one huge
pile of horse manure. Johnny was told they would be right back to see
how he was doing. They came back to the room an hour later and
they found him singing and laughing. Johnny was also throwing
manure all over the room. Johnny was asked, “what are you doing?
Why are you having such a good time?” Johnny said, “with all this
manure around here there must be a pony around here somewhere”

A man is but the product of his thoughts
what he thinks, he becomes.
Mahatma Gandhi

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