She Graduated Life With Honors

    This student had more guts and determination than most. She was in her early 20’s; but she had leukemia, which, at the time, was in remission. She always wore a scarf on her head, because she had lost her hair during the chemo treatments. She had a cheerful attitude and was responsible and prepared. She only missed a couple of classes because of her illness. She never expected any special treatment. Some of the students were not even aware of her condition.

    Near the end of the quarter, the leukemia returned. She still turned in all of her assignments and came and took the final exam.

    She passed away about two weeks later. Her attitude and determination to the end will always be an inspiration. As I recall, she earned an “A-“  in the class; but I gave her an “A”. I always wondered, “How many of us, knowing that we were going to die, would bother to take the final exams?” In my book, she certainly passed the final exam of life.

As told by Marlon Andrus in his book 12,000 Students Later.

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