Dear Vincent


An old man wanted to plant a tomato garden, 
but it was difficult work, and his only son, 
Vincent, was in prison. The old man described 
the predicament in a letter:

“Dear Vincent,
Looks like there will be no tomatoes 
this year. I’m just too old to be digging. 
I wish you were here to dig it for me. 
Love Dad”

A week later, he received a response:

“Dear Dad,
Sorry I’m not there to help, but 
whatever you do, don’t dig up that 
garden. That’s where I buried the bodies. 
Love, Vincent”

Soon, FBI agents arrived and dug up the 
entire area. But they couldn’t find any bodies.
They apologized and left. the next day, the
old man received another letter:

“Dear Dad,
Go ahead and plant the tomatoes
now, That’s the best I could do under 
the circumstances.
Love, Vinnie

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