An Orange Triggers Happy Memories

Orange Fruit
When I peel an orange, the natural oils spraying from the orange are inviting and creates an environment that is happy and uplifting. The smell of an orange also reminds me of Christmas. For many this is when very happy memories occur. I find it interesting how powerfully connected our memory is to our sense of smell.

Life happens to everyone. One day I was with my friend Charlie. On one of his rare days off we decided to go on a little road trip to visit some of our friends. We visited for a while. Before we left, Michelle asked me if I wanted to have a Zyto hand scan, to see what essential oils my body needed most at that point in my life.

Let me back up a bit, for those of you who don’t understand what Zyto technology is. It is a machine that looks like a giant computer mouse that sends impulses from your body to a computer. Then it measures how many bio markers are out of the normal range. There are 76 markers possible. The higher the mark, the more things in your body are not in the normal range.

After I did the Zyto scan I was pleasantly surprised how accurate the scan was. For the past few days I had been feeling a little bit down and discouraged, and also having a lack of energy. The number one essential oil that showed up on my scan was orange. Time and time again I have seen first hand the accuracy of the Zyto hand scan.

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