Clean Up Your Life

Messy HouseHave you ever noticed many people who are the busiest, are the people with the clean homes and yards? Then you go into neighborhoods that have a large portion of the people who are unemployed, they have plenty of extra time on their hands yet their yards are huge disasters, garbage everywhere and many yards have a car or two not working, with weeds growing out the windows. I believe a home clean or dirty is in direct reflection of a persons life.

I have a friend who never lets people come visit her at home. She tells stories of the few times she has had visitors. She will hide dirty dishes in the trunk of her car or put them in the oven. That seems like too much work. Wouldn’t it be easier to just clean up the kitchen?

I remember when I was still living at home my mom loved to have parties at our home. She would tell us we could have a party but we first needed to clean the house. She was very wise, she had a clean house and we got a party. Most of the time the parties were outside so it didn’t even mess up the house.

I have started wearing or donating my clothes to charity. I am amazed at how much room is in my closet. I am also making a difference for the lives of others. I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders, and I get a clean house out of the process.

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