Head Over Heals About Helichrysum



Helichrysum essential oil has a very distinct smell. When I was new to using essential oils, I was like the kid in the candy store seeing what each oil smelled like. I remember going over to Chelsi and James Stevens home where I noticed the Holy Grail of essential oils “the box” a beautiful wooden box with dōTERRA engraved on top. This wonderful symbol of health had every oil dōTERRA makes in one place.

The search was over. No more longing for the day when I could personally experience the scent of dozens of pure essential oils. I eagerly opened each bottle with excitement taking in the aroma of each oil. White pine essential oil smelled just like I was in the mountains, while lemon essential oil smelled like a freshly squeezed lemon just before adding sugar and water for lemonade, while pure peppermint essential oil has a powerful scent.

Helichrysum essential oil is not what I expected. It has a strong odor that grows on you. I am surprised at how powerful the oil from this flower is when used on cuts and scrapes. dōTERRA spares no expense to get the highest quality oils sourced from where they are grown indigenously. Helichrysum is no exception, as it is grown in Corsica, in eastern Europe.

Several months ago I cut my right hand. I forgot about the cut until 4 days later when I cut my left hand in almost the identical same spot. I decided to do an experiment. On my most recent wound (my left hand) I put helichrysum essential oil, the other wound on my right hand I did nothing. After two weeks you could not tell where the wound was on my left hand. The right hand was still scabbed up.

Every time I use essential oils, I am no longer surprised at how quickly and effective essential oils work. I like to remind myself that modern medicine has been around for a relatively short period of time with side effects. Essential oils on the other hand have been around since the beginning of time with no side effects. I will choose natures medicine first over modern medicine every time for healing.

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