My Essential Oil Story

Leonard FishI want to share my  essential oil story with everyone. Just to back up a bit, I grew up with parents that believed  it is better to try to heal an illness naturally first, and if that doesn’t work then go to the doctor. I remember taking all kinds of herbs and natural remedies. Many I believe helped. However, I am still not convinced taking a tablespoon of cod liver oil every morning keeps you from getting sick. I still have nightmares over that. One thing I noticed my mom using were Essential Oils. I thought how strange it was to rub an oil on your body, because they are known to have healing properties, I wasn’t convinced.

Fast forward 20 years. We have friends that we have known for 16 years that talked my wife Cassie into having an Essential Oils class in our home. I was not happy when I found out about it. After all, I knew all I needed to know about Essential Oils. I thought it was a little strange when my parents  used them to help with aches and pains. I thought they were just a placebo to help people think they were getting healed.

I had the perfect plan. I would stay at the meeting for 20 minutes then gracefully exit, and go with my daughter to an extra credit Sign Language activity at a nearby university. We misplaced the information about the class, and decided to stay for the entire Essential Oil class. At the very end of the class, we were asked if we wanted to get scanned with a bio-feedback machine called a Zyto scan ( This is a machine that sends impulses from your body to a computer that will tell you what oils will work best for you individually.) I thought this ranked right up there with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. When I got scanned, the scanner showed that I needed the repellent blend  of essential oils, a blend of oils used for an insect repellent. The presenter said that was interesting as the repellent blend will show up on the scanner if someone is “bugged” or annoyed. I said I didn’t want to be at this class, and everyone had a good laugh. Then Cassie got scanned. What showed up on her scan surprised us. It showed that she needed to use the soothing blend of essential oils (an oil that has been studied for bone and tissue repair.) We never told our friends that a week prior, Cassie had fallen at work and injured her knee. This really got Cassie’s attention. We ordered a Family Physician Kit and a Modern Essentials book. I was still not totally convinced that these oils worked. In my mind, I thought what a waste. In a month or two, this fad will go away.

The more we have used the Essential Oils, the more we are amazed by their effectiveness, and how powerful they are. Our kids go to the Modern Essentials book first when they have a health concern that needs to be addressed. We cannot imagine our lives without Essential Oils, and love to share them with everyone we know. We use Essential Oils daily. Let me know what your health concerns are. I would be honored to share some with you. May God bless you on your path to healthy living.

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