Johnny’s New Word

Shocked MomJohnny was a very observant little boy who loved being the center of attention. Every Wednesday Johnny’s mom had several women over to the house for lunch. When Johnny came running into the house saying a terrible word, everyone gasped. Johnny was sent to his room. He was told to never say that word again.

The next week Johnny’s mom said, “Do you remember the word I told you to never say again.” He said he did. Johnny’s mom said, “Remember the women from the church are coming over. If you will be a perfect gentleman, and you don’t say that bad word I will give you a quarter.”
The ladies came over for lunch. Johnny was a perfect gentlemen. He said all the right words. The ladies had a delightful time. When it was time for everyone to go, Johnny brought them all their coats. When everyone left, Johnny was given the quarter he was promised.

The next week Johnny knew the ladies from church were coming over to the house. Johnny decided to have a little discussion with his mom. “Is today the day the ladies from church are coming over for lunch?” “Yes Johnny.” “Do you remember the word you gave me a quarter to never say again?” “Yes, Johnny”. “Now, I have a word that I think is worth a buck.”

Humor and laughter strengthen your immune system, boosts your energy, diminishes pain, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress. When laughter is shared it binds people together and increases happiness. Those with a good sense of humor have a good sense of life. Learning how to look at all situations with a sense of humor will help lighten life’s burdens. Laugh at life daily.

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