Handling Money Wisely

Spend SaveThe most important advise I can give about money is to learn how to listen to your inner voice when it comes to money. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do anything you will regret tomorrow. If you are not sure about something sleep on it and make a decision the next day.

The next bit advise I would give about money is if you have enough money in your life, you have a money thermostat that is working just fine. If you don’t have enough money change your money thermostat. Have you ever wondered why some people are successful with money and some are not? It all boils down to how you have been taught to understand money in your life. If you believe money is bad then you won’t have much. If you believe you can never hold on to money, you will never have it. If you believe money is power or you believe you will always have money, then you will.

For example when it gets too cold a thermostat calls for heat and when it gets too hot it calls for cooling. This way it is always at a comfortable temperature. Everyone has their own comfort zone. The same is true with money. Everyone has a different money thermostat setting. Some are comfortable making $10,000 a year while others need to make a million to be in their comfort zone. No matter what you do with money you will always stay in your comfort zone. Have you ever noticed that most people that had money as children have money as adults?

The way you reprogram your money thermostat is by using positive affirmations and by changing your thoughts towards money will change your thermostat. Also remove the words I can’t afford it from your vocabulary. When you say this you are programming your subconscious that you don’t have enough money. If you feel like you can’t buy something tell yourself it is not a priority. Even when we are very low on money we always find money to buy things that are not a necessity.

Saving the best advise for last is, if you want more money give more money away. As crazy as this sounds it is true. Successful people give money to charities churches and people in need. God is the source of our supply so if you have a feeling that you need to give money to someone do it. This is Gods way of testing you to see how you will serve others with his money. If you can be trusted with little than he will know you will serve him when your money flows over with abundance.

One day I was with my children filling up my car with gas when a man approached me saying his car broke down and he needed some money to get home. I said I am sorry I don’t have any money. I paid for my gas and started driving away when I had this feeling give that man the money you have in your wallet, I had $20 dollars. I turned the car around told my son Rick to give the man the money, he did it felt good to give. I have no idea what happened to the man or even if he was telling the truth, it didn’t matter. It felt good I knew I was doing the right thing.

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