The Sound of Music

Maggie and Leonard
I have a very smart dog Maggie, that loves fresh fruit and vegetables. Many days when I am making dinner she will wait patiently for a small piece of green pepper, potato, onion, peas, bananas, cherries and raspberries. When I throw her a piece of fruit or vegetable to eat, she will catch it in mid air. If she eats to much of a good thing she has really bad gas.

Today the cherries on the tree in my yard are starting to ripen. I was eating so many cherries with my son Daniel. Like the dog, I was starting to make my own sound of music. I knew I was in trouble because I was going to a wedding reception with my wife in a few minutes, and didn’t want to share this musical talent with our friends at the reception.  Click Here to find out what essential oil I used.

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