Melaleuca is Antibacterial

Melaleuca Has Healing Properties

For years I have suffered with canker sores. For all of you who don’t know how painful a canker sore is, this is a pain that doesn’t stop, coming from the depths of your soul. This is a pain that starts out slow and lasts long. In fact canker sores can last up to three weeks. No sooner would one canker sore start to heal, then another one would form. Sometimes I could have as many as three canker sores in my mouth at one time.

Canker sores appear to be brought on by many types of stress, either emotional, physical, or chemical. Emotional stress can be caused by any situation that puts you under pressure. Physical stress might be caused by an abrasion in your mouth, burns from hot foods, or even biting your tongue or cheek. Chemical stress means anything that changes your body chemistry, such as an illness or a change in your eating habits.

There are two things I have found that are very helpful with my canker sores. First I take L-Lysine. This is a very important amino acid that you can find in the vitamin section of the grocery store. The second thing I use is melaleuca essential oil. I rub this oil on my canker sores. It numbs my canker sores. Melaleuca essential oil is a very powerful oil. It is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-infectious. Since I started using melaleuca essential oil the length of time I have a canker sore is a lot less. Who would have thought the oil in a small bottle would be so effective?

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