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Pray and Meditate

Man on rock meditating

“Prayer is when you talk to God;
meditation is when you listen to God”
Diana Robinson

When I was a young boy my Dad would tuck us in bed. Then he would tell us stories of his childhood and his family. One of these stories that sticks out in my mind is a story that takes place in Southern Utah. When my Grandma Fish was a little girl she and her brother Owen would spend the summer in the mountains on their family farm raising a big garden.
One year it was extremely dry. Since their garden relied on mountain rain storms to fill the mountain creek, they were getting concerned. My Great Grandma Cottam was known for her great faith. One day she was talking to her neighbors about how wilted her garden was looking, and how dry the ground was. They responded with “please don’t pray for rain until we can harvest our wheat, because we know when you pray the rain will come and ruin our wheat.”
Later that night, Owen was talking to his mother. He asked the question, “Why can’t we pray for rain only on our crops and not the neighbors? That was a very good question. His mother liked the idea. She then said, “Owen, why don’t you pray for rain tonight with me?” They did.
All that night, it rained and it rained, enough that in the morning they noticed that the irrigation ditch had water in it. They were worried about their neighbors crops, so they walked over to the fence line on my Great Grandma’s side of the fence. It was very muddy. On their neighbors side of the fence it was totally dry.
I love to share stories of faith and how important the power of prayer is in our lives. Prayer is our way to talk to God. Intuition is God’s way of talking to us. How many of us pray but we don’t take time to listen for the answers to our prayers? Meditation is the language of our spirit. When we take time to listen, we will hear the voice of our spirit. Many times we don’t take time to listen because we are afraid of the truth. Quiet the mind, then listen to your heart.
As I am watching the March Madness college tournament, I am reminded of a technique on how to quiet your mind when meditating. Picture a 24 second shot clock. Clear your mind of every thought except this clock counting down to zero. If you think of anything else except this clock during the next 24 seconds, start over until you are not thinking of anything else. It is harder than you think to clear your mind of everything.
It is so easy for your mind to wander, thinking of that appointment or problems you are having in your family. Successful people learn how to meditate. I am cheering you all on. I know you can be your best you.