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Drugs Are to Sell Not to Take

Kumen Richie

Many years ago when my mom was a little girl, her older brother Kumen got sick. My grandpa took him to the doctor and he was given a prescription for a cough and he had the measles. On the way home from visiting the doctor my grandpa heard a voice that said, “throw the prescription in the river”. He didn’t listen and gave his son the medicine. Shortly after taking the drug he got worse, much worse. My uncle that I never met, slipped into a coma, and died hours after taking the medicine at age 7.

Come to find out the pharmacist had accidentally given my uncle a prescription normally given to adults. My Grandpa was so distraught he decided to change his college major from horticulture to a pharmaceutical degree. He said “if I can save one life it will be worth it”.

For many years my grandparents owned a drug store in Wisner, Louisiana. One day a man came in to fill his prescription and my grandpa looked at the prescription and said “If I fill that prescription you will be dead tomorrow, I refuse to fill it”.

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